Der Spezialist für Haftpflichtversicherungen für die Touristik sowie den Kongress- und Eventbereich


Foreign Students in Austria

Students from abroad often have to provide evidence of having concluded a health insurance for the anticipated period of time. Our students insurance can be concluded up to the student’s 28th birthday. The insurance contract has a determinable validity for a time period of maximum 11 months and 29 days, the contract can be terminated at the end of each month insured. The payment of the insurance is due in advance. The insurance coverage is valid during the temporary stay in Austria. Trips to the student’s home country are excluded from the insurance cover offered.


Insurance coverage is being offered for the treatment of an acute disease or for the treatment of the patient due to an accident. Moreover insurance coverage is offered in case of death, permanent disability.

Medical expenses   100% of costs occured
(franchise 50 Euro)    
Inpatient treatment   100% of costs occured
Transport home if medically necessary   100% of costs occured
Sick person transport   100% of costs occured
Accident- death   € 5.000
Compensation of a permanent disability following an accident from 20%   up to € 100.000
Private liability   up to € 500.000

For the following the insurer does not offer insurance coverage:

  • Disorders / medical conditions that were already existing and in need for treatment before concluding the insurance contract
  • psychoanalytic or psychotherapeutic treatment
  • preventive medical checkup / medical check ups in general ; e.g. preventive cancer checkup
  • required medical examination in order to obtain a residence permit
  • immunization
  • attestation and medical opinions
  • provision of remedies (e.g. spectacles, fillings, artificial limbs/dentures);
  • childbirth or interruption to pregnancies
  • preserving or prosthetic dental treatment;
  • use of curative facilities tied to the place (spas)
  • received treatment by members of the host family
  • damage to property and financial losses- professional / private liability

monthly premium: € 42,75

Description of proceedings when medical treatment is being needed:

Dental treatment
analgesic treatment, together with e.g. plastic- instead of amalgam filling.

The bill for the dental treatment received is paid by the client; the original invoice has to be forwarded to the insurance broker Care Consult. The party insured receives a refund of the total costs of the analgesic treatment; „as if“ the standard amalgam filling. Incremental costs for the high quality filling as well as the franchise are being deducted from the amount paid.

This text serves for information purpose only. The original German version is the legally binding one.